Caligrame noi din Titan!

Humanity from a dog’s eyes


People think dog are their best friends. But in my opinion, we are not only best friends; we are also loyal, funny, friendly and cute.


Every day, my owner walks me in Central Park. There are a lot of dogs and people. On Tuesdays I meet an old lady with a female dog. ‘This girl is my friend’, I say to myself. I’ve talked with her and she told me she was unhappy because the old woman was a witch. Her name is Durilia and she doesn’t like dogs. Her wish is to kill an animal (whatever that is) and to eat his heart. This is crazy I think. I invited her to stay with me and my owner. She accepted and from that day on I didn’t like the old lady anymore. My owner is the best, we are always happy when we are together. I play with my dog friend every day. Now she is a part of our family.


My opinion about the animals’ haters is a bad one. These people don’t have a heart.


         By Alessandra Ene

The world from a bird’s eyes


Most of the people think that they are the most intelligent and important in the world, but the big question is if they really are. My opinion is that all the creatures are very important.


Some people are very good with me and I like them. They give me seeds every day in the parks. Most are old people and children, but there are more bad people than good ones. They usually throw stones in me and that’s my biggest problem with humans. They do this to feel good and they think it’s funny.


Cats are another big problem. They search for me everywhere and they try to catch me. I don’t hate them because I understand that a cat needs food to be alive. The mice are in the same situation. I often watch when a cat tries to catch a mouse and I usually help the mouse to escape.


I also love trees because they are usually green and tall, and I can sleep in them. It’s comfortable for me. I like fruits because they are tasty, but I think they hate me for eating them. I like tropical places and the landscape of the sea. In winter I visit these places, but in spring I come here again.


Finally, the world is half good and beautiful- because some things and people make me happy; and the other half bad- because there are animals and people that hurt me.


By Andreea Preda


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