Compunerile adultilor de la cursurile de engleza Follow Me

Nu incetam sa scriem emailuri, cereri, declaratii, poate chiar si postari pe bloguri si site-uri de socializare. Partea mai buna este cand reusim sa ne dezvoltam aceste abilitati intr-o alta limba. Cursantii nostri invata sa redacteze texte inca de la nivelul incepator si progreseaza nivel dupa nivel. Mai jos avem unele din cele mai reusite compuneri de la grupele noastre de adulti: de la nivel incepator pana la intermediar, pentru a se vedea un progres notabil.


”I get up at about half past eight. I always have a shower. I usually have cereal with milk for breakfast. I never drink coffee in the morning. Then I go to the gym together with my daughter and my husband.

In the afternoon we make lunch . For lunch we have steak with rice, vegetable soup and apple pie. After lunch we play volleyball in the garden or we relax  in the sun.

In the evening I usually make dinner for my family and sometimes for our friends.We have dinner at about half past seven in the evening and then we do homework or we watch TV.

I go to the bed at ten o’clock.”

Orădan Alina  A0

Dear sister,

I flew with a small plane to Rome and the flight was great. I am staying in a big hotel in the centre of Rome. I’m having a great holiday; the weather is very nice.

Yesterday morning I visited the Collosseum and Navona Square.

In the evenings I walk in the park and I have dinner at the restaurant. The food is very good, especially the pasta, the pizza and the coffee.

I didn’t go shopping because I hate shopping.

Now I’m in a nice pub next to the Collosseum and I am drinking coffee. Rome is beautiful, I love it!

See you soon.

With love,

your sister Mihaela.

Savin Mihaela A1

„A journey I enjoyed”

I went to Rome last year with a group of friends. The weather was awful, it was cold and rained a lot.. We got there by plane, the journey was relaxing and funny because we laughed a lot.

During the journey I talked with Alice and Mihai who had their seats behind me and my husband.

Although the weather was awful, we bought some umbrellas and we saw the Colloseum, the San Pietro, Fontana di Trevi and other places. It was beautiful because we took photos everywherre and we enjoyed the walk.

In the night we all met at the hotel restaurant and we ate and laughed.

I’ve enjoyed this trip because we were there with our best friends. On the last day the sun came out.”

Mălina Mîșu A2

„Dear Mark and Sarah,

I’m really sorry for not writing earlier but I had to do a lot of things for University. But now I have more free time and I decided to write you. I want to thank you for letting me stay at your place last month. I had the best holiday in my life. We spent fantastic moments together and I often remember these with pleasure. For example, to learn how to ski was an amazing experience because I had the best teachers in the world. Thank you again for teaching me and I can’t wait to ski together next year.

About me, I’m very well. As I said before, I had a busy period in the last time that makes me a bit tired, but now everything is fine.

I want to invite you to come to Romania next holiday. It would be great to spend the summer holiday together.We can go to the mountain and have long walks there or to the sea to sunbathe and swim.

I can’t wait to see you again.”

Best wishes,

Coman Luiza Ioana B1

„I want to thank you for letting me stay at your place and I am grateful that you helped me learn how to ski. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to repeat it.

As I was saying I’ve started a programming course because I want to change my job. It  is very difficult and I have to revise after every course because it’s a lot of learning and I may forget.

Overall I am OK. I don’t have time for other things but it doesn’t matter because it’s very important for me to finish the course.

I hope you can come visit me in summer because I have already prepared the map where we will go. It’s a must to see Transalpina and Transfagarasan, you will love them.

Hope to hear from you soon and send kisses to Ema too.



Jitaru Anca, B1