Valentine’s Day…de Dragobete

Dragostea copiilor pentru cei din viata lor continua sa curga. Iata ce au avut de declarat copiii din Titan:

„I was alone at home. I was with my cat. I was looking at it. That moment was special for me. From then I loved my cat. It was the moment when I felt love.” Andreea M. S2A

„The first moment I opened my eyes, I remember that I saw my mom. She was the only person in the room. She was the prettiest person for me in the world. I will remember that all my life.”  Teodora S2A

„When I was in kindergarten I saw a beautiful girl. Her name was….I forgot her name. She had straight hair, brown eyes and… That wasn’t true love because she never saw me.” Bodgan S2A

„I was in the 3rd grade and we had Maths. There was a new boy there. He was very happy. He was nine years old and he was handsome. His name was Stefan. I liked that boy very much!” Diana S2A

„At camp, one night, there was a party. I saw there a girl, a beautiful one. We danced all night, ok, until 10. Since then I didn’t see her. Forever alone” Serban S2A


„I love my mum because she is cool. She is beautiful and great. I love my mum!” Alex J1A

„ I love my dog. It is funny and beautiful.” Alexandra J1A

„I love my mym, my sister and my cats because they are good and beautiful.” Ben J1A

„I love my dog because he’s funny, beautiful and very clever. His name is Rex. Rex is black. He likes eating bones, meat and bread and he likes driking milk and water. He’s 9 years old.” Vlad S. J3A

„ Hello, my name is Andreea. I love my boyfriend because he is handsome and his name is Alex. That moment when we met and he gave me flowers was when I felt love. That moment was my favourite moment.” Andreea J3A

„I felt love for my pet when he carried me on the floor. Its name is Otto. I love this dog because it is very cute. I love my dog! J” David J3A

’’I felt love for my grandparents when they said they love me. I love my grandparents very much and I realized they won’t live forever. I cried, but for the first time I felt true love. This feeling is the same for my mother and father, too.” A.N. S2E

’’I felt love for my mother when it was Mother’s Day, last year. I gave her a card and I congratulated her.” T.B. S2E


’’I felt love for Patrick when he played the piano for me last month. ’’ M. S2E

’’I felt love for Luca when he sent me a poem on the 14th of February, and that’s because he lives in Cluj Napoca. In that poem he was talking about how he fell in love with me this summer at the seaside.’’ Alexandra S2E

’’I feel love for my mother when I give her a present. I feel love for my brother when I help him or I play with him. I feel love for my father when I kiss him. I feel love for my dog when I play with it or it licks me. ’’ Alexia J3D

’’I felt love for my grandmother when she was in hospital and I was very sad because she took care of me when I was little and I loved her a lot. When she got out of the hospital, I was very happy because she felt better. I love my grandmother very much.” Alexia S2E

„Dear School, I love you so much because you help me so much – I’m not sarcastic.”


„The last time I felt love for somebody was two days ago when I returned home and I saw my dog for the first time after one week. I love Blick very much! „

„I love my parents; my mum gave me life and I have to thank her. She is the best mum! My family is the best present! „