Proiecte seniori (partea a doua)

Dupa cum v-am promis luni, astazi vom continua seria proiectelor seniorilor Follow Me. Speram ca va vor incanta micile lor creatii.

The Christmas Poem


On Christmas Night

I saw a big light

I fell out of bed

In the sky was something red


And old person from the sky

Was saying Bye Bye

He was looking at my house,

Ah, he was Santa Claus!


He gave me a present,

With a big toyland.

My sister had a little mouse,

And I said „Look, it’s Santa Claus!”

                    Andrei Moise, S2D, Follow Me Titan


Christmas time


Christmas time is coming soon

With joy and fun like a good cartoon,

We all expect nice presents to recieve,

Because in Santa’s visit we still believe.


We celebrate Jesus’ birthday with family

Trying to live such moments happily,

Even frozen Snowman says:

„Merry Christmas, dear friends!”

Cristian Leustean, S2D, Follow Me Titan


Santa Sniper Saves The World

In one common December day, everyone was preparing for Christmas. The kids were writing their letters to Santa, the parents were decorating their houses for Christmas, people started to meet with all friends and relatives, everything was going great.
But not everyone was so excited, at the North Pole Santa was very busy with all of the toys the kids wanted, his elves were tired of so much work, but Santa and his elves loved kids, so they kept working. Santa was so happy to know that almost all the kids on Earth were nice and they had good marks at school. It was 15th of December, only 10 days away from the great day. Santa was training his reindeer all week. The elves were checking Santa’s sled, making sure the GPS was right and the sled was in perfect condition. The letters were arranged and it was just a matter of time until Santa would take off from the North Pole to all houses on Earth.
After all of the stuff was checked and secured Santa wanted to go on his Christmas space shuttle to see how Earth was seen at night with all the street lights for Christmas. Santa safely arrived with the help of his elves on the Christmas space shuttle. Santa was amazed to see how shiny the Earth was with all of the Christmas lights. He had seen how much effort was put in this celebration. But just before he wanted to go back to Earth, he saw some space ships going really fast to his shuttle. Then Santa said: “My elves ! The aliens are coming! We need to go back to Earth! Gooo!!!” He arrived as soon as possible on Earth and went to the White House to tell Mr. President that there was an alien invasion coming.
He arrived there and told the president what was coming. The president went to the secret room to announce the state of emergency for alien invasion. But the aliens already were entering on Earth’s orbit. The president announced all the states and told all the armies to help prevent the alien invasion. Santa went back to the North Pole starting to wonder how he could stop the alien invasion. The people were already sent to the bunkers because aliens had destroyed Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. Santa remembered something. His elves build an emergency room for anything that could happen on Earth. He got there and found the perfect weapon. A sniper rifle that was shooting dark mater. But it was too late for a glorious win because the armies were almost destroyed and the people were afraid to go out of the bunkers. Santa told his elves to gear up, because they will save the world and Christmas. The aliens started to live in the destroyed cities. So it was easy for Santa and his elves to kill them from a distance. His elves got the gift canons and Santa got the sniper rifle. But after a closer look, the aliens were in fact robots. The elves started shooting the robots with the canons. The canons were doing their job but the robots were too many. They needed something more powerful. It was the sniper rifle. From one shot Santa could destroy many robots. The remaining armies had to have the weapon. So they got back to the North Pole and told his elves to make as many weapons they could as the sniper rifle. Santa called the remaining armies to equip them with the weapons. They planned to first free Europe, then Asia, Australia, Africa and save America last because most of the robots were in America. It was now 20th December, only 5 days from Christmas. The assault started in Europe. It was a success. They continued on with Asia, Australia, and Africa. Now it was just 2 days away from Christmas. They had to save the World and the Christmas. They planned to use rockets for elves transport and planes for Santa and the remaining armies. The big fight was in Washington where the true aliens showed and captured the USA president, the aliens wanted the launch codes for the atomic bombs. Santa and the elves tried to rescue the president but the aliens got him on the mother ship. Santa got his sled and told the elves and the remaining soldiers to get in a bunker, because Santa would tell them when to free the people. Santa was flying with his sled to the mother ship and slowly  entered the ship. He sneaked trough the aliens to the main room. The aliens were torturing the president to tell them the launch codes. The president started to tell the codes because the pain was too intense, and just before the last number Santa killed the aliens and got the president. They fought through the mother ship for the sled. They reached it and they got back to Earth. Santa told the elves and the soldiers to free the people from the bunkers. Everyone was happy to be free again. But it was just 5 minutes until Christmas, Santa got all the presents from the North Pole in just some few seconds using his magic, and started to drop the presents all over the World. Even though the cities were in ruins, everyone was happy that Santa had saved the World and Christmas.
The next day Santa used all of his power to rebuild the cities, and in just a blink of an eye everything was back to normal.
The end.
George Baisan, S4B, Follow Me Drumul Taberei

 Santa Claus ` family 

I know that you once thought about this.Does Santa Claus has a family?Yes or no?

If you answered No,you` re not right,my dear.Yes,the fat man with red cheeks,big beard and a nice costume has a family too,like me and you and you.

Santa Claus has a big,big family.Bigger than his beard.

First of all ,when he was young with a shorter beard,he married Lucy,also known as Mrs. Claus.

Lucy is younger than her husband,but old enough.She has got white curly hair and she always wars red clothes.Her eyes are blue.With them she attracted Santa.Lucy also makes the best cakes in the world.

After some years from their wedding,they had John,Alexander and Tyson.They are triplets,but hey don` t ressemble one another.

John is tall.He has his mother` s eyes and short fair hair.He always wars red and blue clother and he has a sleigh-car.

Alexander is unique.His eyes are like the emerald and his hair is black.He likes helping people.

Tyson is a macho-man.He has muscles.His hair is white his eyes are brown.He has muscles.

I think you know that one day,this Santa Claus won` t be anymore,but one of his sons,will be Santa Claus for the future,so they ” beat” to win this title.Santa Claus knows that Alexander will be,but shhhhttt!

As Santa wanted,he also has a girl,Blissie.She ressembles Alexander.

Did you know that Santa is a happy grandfather? Yes,Alexander,Tyson and Blissie are married and have children.

All those kids are very happy and they play in Santa` s workshop.

Let me tell you a secret,but shhhttt! Don` t tell it to anyone! I’m a part of Santa Claus` family and all you kids are a part of Santa` s family.

Just think about this.Santa brings you presents like a parent on your birthday,because you are like a kid for him.

Anyway,Santa Claus also has a second family in his workshop.The elves and the reindeer.Some of his helpers are: Dasher, Dancer, Donner, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Prancer, Blitzen and the most important reindeer:Rudolf that` s nose is lighting in red.His main elves are: Brandon,Janet,Charlie,T.S. and Shane.

Brandon,Janet,Charlie ,T.S and Shane are his right hand and Rudolf is his favorite reindeer because he stays in front of all reindeers and goes to kids` houses.

As you know,Christmas is coming and Santa will be helped by all his family.

But have you every thought how they can go on with the milions of presents?

There` s a secret,but i know it and i can` t keep it….Every year,Santa chooses a kid that kelps him with all the presents…Maybe this year you` ll be the lucky one!

                                                               Magda Petcu, S4B, Follow Me Drumul Taberei


Speram ca v-au placut proiectele cursantilor nostri. Echipa Follow Me va ureaza un an mai bun, plin de realizari pe toate planurile! Sa ne vedem anul urmator mai veseli, mai muncitori si mai sanatosi ca in anul care urmeaza sa se incheie!

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