Progres semnificativ la nivelul A1

Grupele de adulti au inceput din luna iunie cursurile de engleza. Suntem la jumatatea cursului si am vazut progrese remarcabile din partea cursantilor nostri, in special la nivelul A1. Avem astazi de impartasit lucrarile unuia dintre cei mai silitori cursanti de la nivelul Elementary, domnul Catalin Stoica.


From: Cătălin []

To: Anca []

Subject: Hi from one of your students


Hi Miss Anca,

My name’s Cătălin. I’m from Romania and I live in Bucharest. I’m an engineer and I study English in my free time. I speak Romanian, a little English and a little French. I want to learn English for my job, for better communication with other English speakers and for good understanding of articles, blogs and posts on the Internet.

I’m married and my family has four members: me, my wife Corina, my son, Dragoș and my daughter, Ana. My children are at school, Dragos is ten and Ana is six. I’m 41. I like to browse the Internet and to read computers magazine. I often go with Ana and Dragos to the cinema and we all like to play games on Wii console.


I hope you like my e-mail,

Best wishes,



My favourite day


My favourite day of the week is Saturday because it is a free day and we don’t have to go to work.

I stay in bed later than on a normal working day, that means 9 o’clock. My wife makes a flavoured, black, hot filter coffee and we taste it together. The children have breakfast and then we make plans for the whole weekend. We usually go out not earlier then eleven o’clock. We often go to the park for a bike ride or to play badminton. Sometimes we go to the cinema or go shopping. Every two months we go to my parents to the country side, where children love playing with animals and staying in the garden.

We hardly ever have lunch at home on Saturday. We usually have lunch at the restaurant or at our parents, and after that we go home, we watch TV and relax.

In the evening we like playing games on Wii console, watching a movie or browsing the Internet.

My friend


I don’t have a recent picture of my friend Octavian, but I like describing him for you.

He’s 41 and he’s Romanian. He lives in Bucharest. He’s an engineer.

He’s quite tall, he has short black hair and brown eyes. He’s intelligent and generally speaking he is a pleasant person.

He has a lot of hobbies: digital photography, computer networking, hardware components of a computer system, the Internet and the smart television sets.

He loves taking photos of his beautiful daughter, Eva, who is only 4 years old. He uses a lot of professional photographer accessories, which combined with his talent, make his digital photos truly unique.

He likes playing ice hockey and going to picnic with his family. He doesn’t like going to wedding receptions or funerals.

I like Octavian because he’s an honest person and always ready to help me when I need him to.

A holiday report


We went to Paris in June 2011, with my children and my wife. We flew to Paris with Tarom, and after about three hours flight, we landed on Orly airport.

We stayed for five days in a hotel located in the city center near Champs Elysees.

In 2 of our 5 days of Parisian holiday, we went to Disneyland, a place full of attractions, shows and parades. At every step, we met there the beloved Disney characters and a lot of entertainment areas.

In Paris we walked around the city. We saw a few famous places like the Champs Elysees, the cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

We took a lot of photos.

We all had a great time in Paris. The only problems we had in Disneyland – the prices of souvenirs, meals and drinks were really high.

Felicitari, domnul Catalin! Sa o tineti tot asta si sper sa mai vedem articole si teme de-ale dumneavoastra si de la urmatoarele niveluri de cunostinte!


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