A whole new set of essays – S4A

Curg temele in perioada aceasta la Follow Me. Seniorii de la nivelul 4 au avut de scris eseuri pro si contra. Tema a fost „Cum se va schimba lumea peste 50 de ani”.

Primul eseu vine de la Georgiana Lapusneanu.

The world is changing day by day. It is harder to survive in a world like this with all the technology and the monsters that we make? Is the future made by us or by the computer?

Let’s start by talking a bit about technology. Is it good? Well, the answer is yes because it makes our lives easy … but if we are making robots so smart, why aren’t we scared of losing control of them? What if they are going to be smarter than us in the future? They will control us! But right now they are destroying the Earth just like cars, factories, computers and other things.

On the other hand, if we are making technology so smart, we will be able to make our lives easier. For example, we could have a lot of free time (because the computer is doing our work for us and we just relax).

Finally, our world is full of computers, smart phones and other things that make some things look easy but we must control all of this technology or it could do a lot of bad things.

Bravo, Georgiana! Acum vine randul lui Mihai Filip sa se dea cu parerea despre lumea noastra in 50 de ani:

Fifty years from now, life will be much easier and healtier for ordinary people than it is today.

These days the world is changing faster and faster than ever. Another problem is the number of people on Earth, which has already touched 7 billion. But it’s also the faster changing of science and the world that creates oportunities for regular people to become rich.

Maybe many people think that fast changing of the world creates problems. Some think that the population will increase faster than ever before in history and the planet won’t be able to support us and it will crash down.

On the other hand, there are a lot of reasons that the world will change in a good way. Science will advance and the doctors will be able to cure the diseases more effectively.

Finally, I believe that life will be better fifty years from now. Although there are many problems facing the world. I don’t think that the situation will get out of control. I believe science will advance quickly enough to find solutions.

Si ultimul eseu pe ziua de astazi vine din partea lui Dragos Chereches:

There are few people in our days who could think of a world without their mobile phones.

It is a fact that mobile phones have a number of advantages, but let’s not forget about what scientists say about them – the fact that they can cause cancer and other things like that. And there are people that don’t know how to use their mobile phones on public transportation. Family members don’t even see eachother’s faces anymore.

However, mobile phones are great to keep in touch with friends from far far away. In fact, if you happen to have a car accident in the middle of an abandoned street or in the middle of the desert, you can call for help with it.

On balance, it seems that mobile phones have as many advantages as they do positive aspects. However, in more situations they are indispensable.

Felicitari, copii! La mai multe lucrari reusite si mult spor in pregatirea pentru examenul Cambridge!

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