A moment I felt love towards someone (Valentine’s day)

Copiii nostri si-au pus sufletul pe tava zilele acestea la orele speciale de Valentine’s Day. Iata ce au avut de declarat despre momentele in care s-au simtit iubiti si iubareti:

One day at school, I asked Ava:

„You know what day is tomorrow, right?”

„Yes, it’s Friday”. I was sad ‚cause she said that. The next day was going to be my birthday. I also asked Ada, Ale and Anto and they gave the same answer. That day I was sad ‚cause my best friends forgot about my birthday. The next day, on the hall I couldn’t see anyone that I knew/ I went to my classroom and all my friends were there to party. I was surprised. Also, my head teacher was there. He said that Ava, Ada, Ale and Anto did it. So that day wasn’t sad… It was amazing and I loved my firends so much!

I had a cat which I loved very much because she was a very good friend. When I was sad, it made me happy. When I was ill, she came to me and she stayed with me. When i celebrated my birthday, she received a bowl with a fish. Unfortunately, she left and I couldn’t find it. I loved my cat!

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A moment in my life when I felt love was with my parents. One day, I received good marks at school and my parents were very happy and proud of me. That day, they listened to all my wishes. It was an amazing and beautiful day with my lovely parents!

A moment in my life when i felt love was with my parents. One day, when I was turning ten years old, my parents got me a phone and wished me Happy birthday. I was very happy. After that, we left to my birthday party. There were a lot of friends at my party. I felt love and it was very amazing.

… was when my cousin was born. He is born on 31st December 2007. Now, he is eight years old. He is very nice to me and other kids. He is my cousin Rares.

I felt love when I was three years old, when i saw my new sister for the first time. Then I felt our family became very happy. I love my sister so much!

I felt love whenI I went to a birthday party. I danced with a very nice girl. Her name is Stefi. At that moment, I felt love. I love her!

My father bought me a necklace when he was in Sibiu. I like my necklace, because it is form my father.

When I was eight years old, my grandfather died. But I miss him. Everywhere, everytime I think of him. I love my grandfather!

I was on a mountain with my parents. I stumbled on a rock. I didn’t think anyone will help me, but my father helped me.

It was 23rd August. I remember the day exactly when me and my best friend had an argument, but it wasn’t a simple argument, it was the last time we spoke. After that school day, I went home where I was standing and looking out of the window, when my mom came and asked me if i was ok. That moment I felt that she really cared about me.


I felt love towards my dog, Lucky, when it was given to me, because it is very nice. It was eight months old. Lucky plays every day. I and grandma walk with Lucky in the park every day.

On my summer holiday, I really felt an amazing love for an amazing boy. His name is Ionut. I love his name! He is so beautiful. Ionut has got brown eyes, small ears, a small nose, a small mouth and short brown hair. He is tall and slim.

The first moment when I felt love towards my dog was when I was five. Maxim was cute and he loved me a lot. He was my favourite dog, but now I have another dog.

The first moment when I felt love was two years ago, when I met a girl. Her name is Miruna, she is a good, friendly and funny girl. She is my classmate and I talk to her every day. She is the best friend ever and I love her!

Five years ago, when I was in the first grade, I received a small package with a ribbon on it. I quickly opned it and inside I found the most adorable, fluffy and incredibly cute puppy. I instantly fell in love with it. I named it Hanna and now she is four, almost five. She is still all fluffy and adorable.

The biggest love that I felt is my family’s love. I love my family. I love my brother, but he doesn’t allow me to kiss him. Anyway, I kiss him every day. I love my mum and my dad. They are the best parents ever.

Last winter, I went on a school camp where I could have died of hipothermia in the snow and, when I returned home, after five days, I really felt love for my family and for my home.

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