3 povești grozave despre EROI citadini scrise de copii – participante la concursul online FollowMe 2023

Imaginația copiilor nu are limite! În plus, unii dintre ei sunt cu adevărat înzestrați cu harul povestirii – cum ar fi participanții la concursul online organizat de FollowMe, ediția 2023, care au scris în limba engleză (pe care au învățat-o și o stăpânesc ca niște artiști) niște texte excelente. Am selectat pentru tine 3 cele mai frumoase povești cu titlul: The hero that saved our city. Le vei savura și mai mult după ce vei afla că vârsta participanților la această secțiune este între 10 și 16 ani!

The hero that saved our city – by Maria Georgescu

Once upon a time, there was a city called Riverville. It got its name due to the magic river that crossed this city. This river was so clear, that you could actually see its unique flora and fauna – colourful fish, dancing seaweeds, silver frogs and many other wonderful living things. But the biggest attraction of the river were the tiny pixies flying above the crystal-clear water – these pixies used to compose marvellous poems and sing romantic ballads. 

The citizens of Riverville often spent their weekends on the shores of the river, so they could listen to the pixies’ performance. The people of Riverville were very proud of the nature beautifying their city, but also because of its amazing architecture – huge buildings built in baroque style, richly decorated. Foreigners who visited Riverville said to themselves ‘Such a beautiful city! There is no city in the world that can compare to Riverville!’ 

The neighbouring city, Wasteville, was crossed by the same river, and was located downstream from Riverville. But, on the part of the river crossing Wasteville, the water was very dirty because of all the junk thrown in it – needless to say that no pixies lived there. Wasteville was a squalid city – on the roads and sidewalks, you could see rubbish everywhere, the buildings looked shattered, and the people were quite unhappy. Moreover, the mayor of Wasteville was very jealous on the success of Riverville – consequently, he and his counsellors decided to sabotage Riverville by polluting its natural beauties, so they ordered that rubbish and toxic waste be gathered and then thrown into the river upstream. 

Luckily, when some men from Wasteville arrived and started polluting the river, the pixies cried for help, so the police came immediately and arrested all the polluters who were later brought to court for trial – after a long court session, each of them was sentenced to three years in prison. Their mayor and counsellors were not imprisoned, but each had to pay a £40,000 fine. 

Afterwards, the mayor of Wasteville started feeling really miserable and declared ‘I am sorry for my inappropriate actions, and I am ashamed of my behaviour – I was so jealous, and I forgot that, if I pollute the river and thus destroy the beauty of Riverville, that will not help my city. I sincerely apologize to the people of Riverville for all my wrongdoings!’ 

The mayor of Riverville accepted his apologizes and decided to help, so he suggested that the mayor of Wasteville starts a campaign for modernizing his city and teaching its people to became nature-friendly – this way, the two cities would no longer compete but collaborate. So, the mayor of Wasteville followed this good advice and launched a modernising campaign regarding his city. Employees from the city services, accompanied by many volunteers from both cities, repainted the buildings, cleaned the parks, planted lots of trees, found sources of renewable energy and the like – basically, they did everything for Wasteville to prosper. 

Due to all these actions, Wasteville soon became a much better place to live in. And, because of this ‘rebirth’ of Wasteville, its name was later changed into ‘Rivertown’ – a more representative name indeed. Now, the two cities, Riverville and Rivertown, looked quite similar, but at the same time, each city kept its own personality – while Riverville was more vintage-styled, Rivertown was modern-looking, but both cities and the lands surrounding them were true sanctuaries of nature. 

As a citizen of Riverville, I think there are many heroes in this story: our city’s mayor, the pixies who live on our part of the river, the people who volunteered for the campaign of modernising the former Wasteville, and even the mayor of our neighbouring city who repented and made a change. Anyway, one thing is certain – the now sister-cities, Riverville and Rivertown, are now safe from any form of pollution and will thrive happily ever after.

portret de fata bruneta zambitoare autoare a unei povesti in engleza

Maria Georgescu, autoare a poveștii de mai sus, The hero that saved our city.

The heroes that saved the city – by Teodora Piticaș

It was a Tuesday morning. I woke up and went downstairs to eat breakfast with my little sister, Maia. I told her about the school trip I had that day, it was to a fire station. After finishing I went to my room and got ready. I got my backpack and left out the door with Maia. We both got on the bus and waited to arrive at school. We arrived quickly. She went to her classroom, and I went to mine. I entered the room and sat down next to my friends.

The teacher arrived; she started explaining the rules that we would have to follow. After that, she started telling us a little bit about what it means to be a firefighter and how hard it is. I paid a lot of attention since I have always admired firefighters. Growing up I thought firefighting was one of the most noble careers ever. At the end of the class, we all left the school and got on the bus towards the fire station. 

We arrived at the destination quickly. The structure was huge, there were 2 fire engines outside. We went inside the building; the inside didn’t look too special, just a normal reception and a few chairs. A woman greeted us, she told us she will be the one who will show us around. She gave us a tour, explained everything and answered all our questions. We watched a documentary; it was so cool. 

2 hours into the tour we heard the speakers say that there was an emergency. A fire started in a museum. It was a small one, we were all excited to watch how the firefighters would handle the situation. We saw the firefighters getting their equipment. The fire engine left rapidly as we all watched. Once we got back into the main structure, we were able to watch on the tv screens the fire engine going. Everyone was thrilled to watch them. In only a couple of minutes they got to the museum and realized the situation was way worse than the phone call told them. Instead of a little fire, the whole building was burning, and it was spreading so fast. People were screaming, running and crying. A firefighter immediately called for more support. The people around us started panicking, more and more fire engines went towards the accident. Our class watched in horror as we realized how bad the situation actually is.  One woman stood out the most, she looked very strong and determined. The class watched as she told her coworkers what to do. She explained to them how they were going to take everyone out of the building safely and stop the fire from spreading to more buildings. 

It wasn’t as easy as we thought, the museum was mostly made of wood, and so were all the other old buildings around it. There were hundreds of people in the establishments that needed to be taken out safely. The woman’s team was the one responsible for rescuing the citizens. While the others were fighting against the fire. The firefighters were extinguishing the structure and the ones next to it. 1 hour in, the constructions were very much still burning. It was terrifying. The whole thing was a mess. The fire was too fast, too many people to save and too little actual firefighters. The firemen were careful but also fast. That day we saw how frightening, petrifying and mentally scaring the career could really be.

In the end nobody died, little to no people were burnt, injured or bruised. All thanks to the firemen and firewomen. They did a stunning job. Every single one of them was well trained and talented at what they did. They were all heroes today.

portret de fata in negru

Alexa Lorena

The hero that saved our city – Alexa Lorena

Once upon a time, in a small city nestled at the foot of a great mountain, there lived a young man named Kai. Kai was an adventurous spirit, always seeking out new challenges and experiences. He spent his days exploring the countryside, climbing trees, and swimming in the river.

 One day, while wandering through the forest, Kai stumbled upon an ancient artifact. It was a small hourglass, intricately carved from a single piece of jade. The hourglass was beautiful, and Kai couldn’t resist picking it up and examining it more closely.

As he turned the hourglass over in his hands, a strange sensation washed over him. Suddenly, he was transported to a vast, barren wasteland. The sky was dark and foreboding, and the air was thick with the acrid scent of smoke and ash.

 Kai stumbled forward, disoriented and confused. He had no idea where he was, or how he had gotten there. As he walked, he noticed a group of people huddled together in the distance. They were frightened and desperate, and as Kai approached, they cried out for help.

„We need your help!” they cried. „Our city is being attacked by a horde of terrible monsters. We have no one to defend us, and we’re all going to die!”

 Kai knew that he couldn’t ignore their pleas for help. He resolved to do everything in his power to save the city from the approaching monsters.

 As he raced towards the city, Kai noticed that the monsters were strange and otherworldly. They were unlike any creature he had ever seen before, with razor-sharp teeth and scaly, reptilian skin. But Kai refused to be intimidated. He drew his sword and charged into battle.

 The battle was fierce and intense, but Kai fought with all his might. He used his sword to cut through the monsters’ thick hides and deftly dodged their attacks. Despite the overwhelming odds against him, Kai refused to give up.

 Just when all seemed lost, Kai remembered the hourglass he had found in the forest. He realized that he could use it to his advantage. With a quick flip of his wrist, he turned the hourglass over.

Suddenly, time seemed to slow down. The monsters moved in slow motion, and Kai had all the time he needed to launch a devastating attack. He sliced through the creatures with ease, and soon they were all lying defeated on the ground.

 The city was saved, and the people cheered as Kai emerged from the battle victorious. They hailed him as a hero and thanked him for his bravery and courage.

 As the sun set over the horizon, Kai realized that he had been gone for only an hour. The hourglass had given him the power to slow time down, allowing him to defeat the monsters and save the city in a fraction of the time it would have taken normally.

 Kai knew that he could use the hourglass to do great things, but he also realized that it was a powerful tool that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. He resolved to keep the hourglass safe, and to only use it when he truly needed its power.

 Years passed, and Kai became known throughout the land as a great hero. He used his strength and courage to defend the weak and helpless, and his name became synonymous with bravery and valor.

 But as he grew older, Kai realized that he could no longer rely solely on his physical strength. He knew that he needed to pass on his knowledge and experience to the next generation of heroes.

 So, he began to travel the land, seeking out young people with potential and training them in the ways of heroism. He taught them how to fight, how to be brave in the face of danger, and how to use their wits and cunning to overcome their enemies.


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Sursa foto: Pexels, Maria Georgescu / Lorena Alexa