Vacante nereusite

Vacantele nu sunt mereu ce ar trebui sa fie. Cand ne gandim la cuvantul „vacanta”, avem in minte ceva placut si relaxant. Insa sunt momente in care lucrurile nu sunt chiar ceea ce ar trebui sa fie, iar acestea sunt si impresiile seniorilor de la grupa S4B din Drumul Taberei, care si-au destainuit gandurile in niste vederi. Sa vedem ce nu le-a convenit!:)

Dear Steve,

I’m in Greece, but I wish I wasn’t. It’s been raining since yesterday, so the plane was delayed and we had to take the coach. The hotel is horrible. The room is cold and damp and I got food poisoning from lunch. I also lost my phone on the beach, which is rocky, not sandy.

I’ve been at a police station, but they told me they had more important things to do. It’s unusual for me to complain or moan, but I want to go home soon.

It’s time to go down for dinner. Let’s hope it’s better than lunch.

See you soon,

Frati (Radu Fratisteanu)

Dear Amy,

I’m in England, but I wish I wasn’t. This hotel is awful and the food is too expensive. I’m very bored and we can’t go out because it’s very hot. Although, I made some new friends here and they said we could stay at their home for our holiday. We want to go to France next week, but we’re not sure.

I hope tomorrow will be better. I can’t wait to see you again!


Miruna (Miruna Mantu)

Dear Samantha,

I’m in Greece right now, but I wish I wasn’t. It’s Friday and we’ve been here since Tuesday and, trust me, it is awful. We arrived here and we arrived by plane and the airline lost our luggage. The food is terrible and the hotel is huge and it is very hot in here. It’s two kilometres to the beach. I hate that it is rocky, not sandy. I hope to come back soon.

I love you,

Berry (Rebecca Marmeliuc)

Dear Cristina,

I’ve been in Egypt four days now and I’m having a terrible time. I wish you were here. My holiday started very badly – when I got out of the plane, I had the surprise that the airline had lost my luggage. It was good, because after six hours they found it. I was really nervous because in my luggage I had a big part of my money and all my clothes. I arrived at the hotel and there weren’t any rooms left. They had given my room to someone else. I decided to go to another hotel. There, the room was very comfortable, but the wiew from the window was terrible. The worst thing here is that the beach is four kilometres from here and the pyramids are six kilometres away.

In fact, they were the main reason we came here. It’s no use complaining now because tomorrow I’m leaving, though. It’s time to take the cab to the beach now. Let’s hope I won’t pay as much as I payed for the last taxi.

See you soon when I return home,


Magda (Magda Petcu)