Creative writing Follow Me Vitan: parents and dreams

My life as a superstar

by Francisca Acsinte

Hello! I’m a new interior designer. My name is Francisca. I will talk about my life. My schedule is: Monday through Friday from 7 a.m to 12 a.m.

In all days we come up with innovative ideas. I’m the manager of my company. My favourite employees are Mary and Carolyna. One year we made 2,000,000 dollars by selling our products.

But, in order to be a superstar it is very difficult. The paparazzi are very interested in you and the fans are very annoying with their messages.

I’m happy because this business is blooming and the employees are hard-working.

My parents

by Maria Barascu

My parents are very happy all the time. My mum’s name is Simona. She’s thirty-six years old. Mum is a good lawyer. She is the best!

My dad’s name is Dominic. He’s fourty-one years old. He’s a construction manager. He’s very good. They are very important for me.

My parents are the best! They are number 1!


When I become a parent

by Albert Neculae

I will be a parent at the age of 29. I will have two children: a boy and a girl. Their names will be: Carol and Elisa. My wife’s name will be Cristina. My kids will be first in their class and they will practice a sport. Carol will do karate and Elisa will go to dance classes.

They can choose their own jobs. I will always be there for them. I will help them by looking after their children.

When I become a grandfather, I will help my children and my grandchildren with everything and anything because I will love them very much.