And the Halloween winners are:

Magda Petcu, S4B, Follow Me Drumul Taberei with the composition „It really happened to me”

Halloween? A story for babies. A joke compared to what happened to me on St. Andrew’s night.

Yes, I’ll tell you! But you have to listen silently. If you say a word, I’ll stop and you’ll stay silent forever!

It was the 30th of November and it was night. Outside there were clouds, dark clouds and fog. You couldn’t see anything further than two or three meters and in the house, even if it was supposed to be warm, it was colder than ever. I was alone because my parents went to some friends’ and I stayed home to do my homework. I had been punnished.

At about half past seven P.M. I finished my homework and I decided to go downstairs to have dinner.

When I was on the stairs, I heard a noise, something like „Auch!”. I got goosebumps, but I went downstairs. The lights were off. I didn’t remember turning them off, so I got scared, but I didn’t believe in spirits, vampires or witches. I went to make something delicious to eat.

At nine o’clock I went downstairs in my bedroom, but I left the lights on.

While I was staying in my room, I heard a scary „Hahaha” and a „Boom”. I got into my pillow and I started to cry. While I was crying, I felt something on my leg and screamed. Guess what it was? A ghost! A friendly and funny ghost. She said that she was Mandy and she was there with her family: her grandfather, the spirit Kare, her dad, Jasper the vampire and Tracy, a witch who was her mother. She also said that every year, on St. Andrew’s night, they chose and made scary jokes to its members.

Terrified because entities were invading my house, I wanted to call mom, but I remembered that I was a strong girl and that Halloween and its stories were for babies. I got out of my room and begged Mandy to show me her family. She made me invisible and took me in the bathroom where her dad was writing with blood on the mirror: „I was here!”, then in my parents’ room where her mom was, putting some frogs in the closet. Finally, Mandy brought me in the kitchen. There was her grandfather making some ” S.S. Salt.Spirit.”

I don’t know why, but when I saw all of these I started to laugh, imagining what my parents’ reactions would be.

Unfortunatelly, I had to meet Mandy’s family face to face. They were a little bit too friendly.

While I was in the bathroom cleaning the mirror, they left the house and brought a note: „We’ll be back next year. Kisses!”

„Oh, it couldn’t be possible”, I thought. Another St. Andrew’s for babies next year too?”

Dobre Ioana, S2D, Follow Me Titan with a very cute poem:

Ana Maritiu, J2E, Follow Me Drumul Taberei had a very cute invitation:

OANCEA CASIANA, J2D, FOLLOW ME TITAN, with a funny invitation to her party:


The Monsters will eat you if you don’t come at the party!

Our party is on the 31st of October 2011 at 9pm. Please bring your blood, so we can drink all night! We will dance around your heads.

Please dress properly: with pumpkins on your head and candles in your hands.

The lights will be switched off. All zombies are invited and we will go together at the cemetery!

Marin Andrei, J2E, Follow Me Drumul Taberei:

Participant de ultima ora cu un super-proiect, Dobre Cristina, S3C, Follow Me Titan:

Congratulations to all the candidates!

Nu trebuie sa se simta nimeni descurajat! Toate lucrarile au fost deosebite si incurajam toti copiii sa participe la concursurile organizate de noi si va uram succes pe viitor!

Happy Halloween!

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