„A Christmas Miracle” by Francisca Acsinte

One day last summer I was with my friends in an English school camp. This camp was in Brasov, so the weather wasn’t always hot. Anyways, it was the hottest day ever. My head was literally burning. The teachers told us to stay in this ancient 5 star hotel (hilarious, but true), so we wouldn’t melt. So a bunch of girls and I were playing poker with a bunch of boys when the „miracle” happened. We thought that the other boys were sleeping, and we made noise, so a friend of mine went to check on them and see what they were doing. When she got back she said that they were watching a movie, so we could make as much noise as we wanted. After some time, two of our friends said they were going to keep those boys company, so they wouldn’t feel bad. And here’s that one dude that takes it all as a joke, so he got there too. Something that you don’t know about this guy is that he is very crazy, like insane!


OK, so for like several hours we played poker and then, suddenly, we heard an ambulance and the noises that the panicked teachers were making. So let me explain what happened. After the nerds watched the film, they went to bed to „conserve energy for everyday challenges”. You know that fellow gangster I told you about? Yeah, he got this revelation. He woke up the nerds, all but the sleep lover. So he got this „beauty spray that makes you look fabulous” and sprayed the whole room. The ones that were woken up left the room because of the smell and after the spray bottle was empty, our „Newton” put the bottle in the victim’s hand. So after 5 minutes or less, the poor boy woke up and couldn’t breathe, so „Newton” called the teachers and said that the buddy had committed suicide.

The teachers called an ambulance and saved the poor boy. And there came the truth. The genius got suspended for 2 months, the co-agressors were forgiven and the rest couldn’t help but laugh. So, for the ones that don’t believe in Christmas magic, you got a free sample here. So read it again and think about how much Santa loves you. Please, love him back for the magic he gave you through time.

And in the end, Franci said: „I hope I get this Christmas story on Facebook.”

You did!:)