Viziunea noii generatii asupra viitorului

Iata doua dintre compunerile pe care copiii din Drumul Taberei le-au scris la testul 2. Concluzia: viitorul suna bine! (cel putin pentru ei)

Real Life Monopoly

When I grow up, I’m going to go to a good university and then I will open a market, hotel or agency and be a boss. Then I’m going to transfer cash and buy properties in the entire city, even country. I’m going to manage my agencies and workers. I’m going to visit other places in the country and grow my business, opening up a lot of different services and utilities. I’m going to give a big salary to everyone, make price discounts, and get a lot of money. I’m going to live in a luxurious mansion.

I will meet my employees and secretaries. If I have a bad worker, I will fire him or take cash away from his monthly salary until he is better. I am going to love my job! If I have success, I will own several cities or even districts! If the business goes well, I will be able to swim in money. I think I will have a good family life, not just blinded by this exciting and amazing career.

When my kids grow up, I’m going to give them my firm so that they can have a great inheritance. They will probably wish to be bosses, too. If they won’t, I will sell the firm for an enormous amount of cash. I WILL PLAY REAL LIFE MONOPOLY!

By Radu Bucataru

radu bucataru

My future plans

When I grow up, I’m going to be a doctor because I love helping people. I’m going to go to medical University. When I am thirty-two years old, I’m going to move to England because there are very good people. I’m going to visit a lot of very interesting things in the world. My dream is to open a very beautiful hospital for poor people. And it’s going to be a free hospital!

I love helping people!

vlad ghircoias

By Vlad Ghircoias