Trei lucruri la care adolescentii nu pot renunta. Saga poate incepe!

In ultimele zile am primit o serie de eseuri de-a dreptul impresionante. Copiii au avut de vorbit despre trei lucruri la care nu pot renunta. Astazi avem doua eseuri din partea Georgianei Lapusneanu de la grupa S4A si din partea Mariei Somandru de la grupa S4B. Nu au fost singurele! Restul isi vor gasi loc pe blog si in saptamanile urmatoare.

Hmmm…there is a long list with things that I love, but there are three things that I can’t give up.

1. Music:)

I love listening to music. When I turn it on, I am relaxed… I must say that I don’t like all kinds of music, some of them are awful. I’m talking about bands like Inna or Justin Bieber…or Miley Cyrus. Who are those people and why do they hate us?!

I like bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Joffree Star, Blood on the dance floor, Black veil brides and many more.

2. Using my imagination:)

Ha ha! I like drawing, writing and many other things. When I draw, for example, my imagination and my pen get crazy. I just can’t stop it.

3. Technology:)

Well, I’m not proud of that, but I must say that it’s hard for me to live without technology. I’m not the kind of girl that likes going camping. I like watching TV, using the Internet to find what out what’s new. And, by the way, I must say that I need my phone…it is very important for me, not only for the contacts, but because I have a lot of music, songs that I like stored on it and like I said at number 1, I love listening to music in order to be relaxed.

Well, I think that’s all about the three things that I can’t give up. Now I just realised, by thinking about three things that I can give up, that that is a harder subject – at least for myself.

Georgiana Lapusneanu S4A

Why can’t I give you up?

I know it’s a typical answer, but I hope I can make my composition interesting with my reasons.

I can’t give up on my mom. She’s my everything. I cannot live without her. I know that we don’t have a very connected relationship and that I don’t tell her everything, but that’s not because I don’t want to. It’s because I can’t. I’m afraid. I don’t know ehy, but sometimes I’m afraid to tell her how I am feeling and what I am feeling. I’m afraid that she will judge me like everyone else and in that moment I don’t realise that she is my mother and she will love me anyway.

Another reason why I can’t give up on her is because she understands me. When I do something unusual or I wear something strange, she just gives me a hug and smiles. I respect her because she’s patient and innocent and she can accept anything my dad and I do. She won’t turn her back if we dissapoint her. She just smiles, closes her eyes and cries, so no one can see her. We have problems with money and other things, but she stands strong and keeps holding on and pushing.

I don’t know if I love her for being my perfect mom or for being a strong woman, but I am sure about one thing. I cannot give up on her…

I couldn’t give up on my family, my dreams and my future for anything in the world! I love you mom for what you are!

Maria Somandru, S4B