Povesti si proiecte de Craciun de la seniori

Daca in ultimele doua postari am vorbit despre cum s-au descurcat cei mici la serbarea de Craciun, saptamana aceasta e timpul sa laudam copiii mai mari de la Follow Me care ne-au incantat cu proiectele lor cu tematica de Craciun. Iata numai cateva:

Santa Claus forgets about Christmas

Do you know how it is like to forget about Christmas? You maybe don’t, but Santa sure does.

Last year, on the 23rd  of December, Santa was preparing for Christmas, helping the elves with the toys, and of course with the list of good or bad children. As usual, all the children were on at the “good one” list, because Santa is e very kind person, and because that year the elves made to much toys, and he had to give them to somebody.

While preparing all these, a bad elf stole the sledge and ran away! Why?? He was Mojo, the bad elf! He has always wanted to stop Christmas!

What can Santa do now? Without the sledge, how could he deliver the presents to all the people on Earth?? He couldn’t. He had to  take that sledge back from Mojo!

The next day, Santa started to look after Mojo, but he couldn’t find him … ! Santa was very upset, so he said : “I don’t know what to do! Only a miracle can bring my sledge back..” . While he was talking alone, like a crazy man, Jiju, another elf, heard him and said : “Santa is crazier than last year! But we must help him…he is just like a father for all the elves, and of course, if Santa doesn’t bring the present, Christmas is gone, and if  Christmas is gone, me and the other elves won’t work any more, and if we won’t work, NO ONE WILL PAY US ! We must help him, and fast! “ said Jiju.

In the next five minutes, Jiju told about crazy Santa to all the elves, and Martin , the Science Fiction elf, created a machine that brought the sledge back.

  After Santa saw his sledge back, he said that he doesn’t have to worry about anything from that moment. But it wasn’t so !

Because he had worked all rest of the day helping the elves to finish the toy production, Santa went in his room and fell asleep ! The problem was that it was half past eleven o’clock p.m. ! Santa should have got up in 20 minutes to get the sledge  ready, and start the world tour with the presents ! But it wasn’t so. Santa got up at 5 o’clock in the morning! The first words that he shouted when he saw the time were: “ OH MY GOD, HOLY GOD, I FORGOT ABOUT CHRISTMAS ! IT IS ONCE  A YEAR AN I FORGOT ABOUT  IT ! JIJU, WHY DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME UP?” shouted Santa at Jiju, who was staying near him. He replied: “I tried to wake you up, but you slapped me… without knowing, because you were sleeping..!”

After a few minutes of stress, for Santa of course, Jiju said laughing: “ Santa, you are such a gullible person.. !!! It isn’t 5 o’clock ! I put your clock to show this time! It is 11 o’clock and 56 minutes, you still have 4 minutes to get ready!!

Santa, hearing this, said calm : “ Jiju, you are fired!”

Jiju could not believe what Santa has just said to him. He wanted to leave the room, when Santa stopped and said laughing : “And you think that I am a gullible person, but you are one, too !! You aren’t fired! I was joking! Now, Jiju, help me to get prepared FAST !”. “OK sir” said Jiju.

In two minutes, Santa left the North Pole in his sledge! At 4 o’clock, all the children and adults in the world got one present !

When Santa arrived home, he put his clock to ring every year, on the 24th of December, at 11 o’clock and 50 minutes, with the message: Do NOT forget about Christmas again, you fool !

Radu Negreanu, S4B, Follow Me Drumul Tabarei


            Do you ever wonder what Christmas really means?
I know this is not what I should write about but I wanted to make my composition more interesting. Whatever….so, do you ever wonder what Christmas really means?  I did it,  actually I did it more than once. Every year I wonder why some people don’t like Christmas. It’s beautiful and peace and love make this beautiful night very special. Everybody, from kids to adults, enjoy this wonderful holiday.

They give presents to each other and spend time with their families. But, how I said before some people don’t like Christmas. I guess why but, that is just my opinion. I think that they hate Christmas because they had to give presents to family and listen to their children complaining about how they didn’t want „that” for Christmas. Well, that could be a reason. Let’s talk about what I had to say. My Christmas theme is „Habitts and Routines”. Before Christmas, mother and grandmothers go shopping. They buy special things like globes, tinsel, lights and traditional food. I know I could write more but I really don’t have any idea. It’s beautiful to belive in Santa Claus for Christmas and its magic, but come on people Santa Claus doesn’t exist. I belived in him but now I realise that he isn’t real.

 Was I dissapointed to hear that? Not a chance. Actually, I didn’t even have time to realise that. I was caught in the magic of opening the presents. In the end of my essay I realised that I didn’t do what I had to do but, I’m not going to erase anything. It’s fine. „Santa Claus” won’t be sad. Merry Christmas everyone an a happy new year.

 Thank you,


                                                                                                                                  Maria Somandru, S4B, Follow Me Drumul Taberei


HELLO! My name is Michael and today I’ll tell you why Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

1.There aren’t any species of reindeer which can fly.There are 300.000 of organisms which aren’t classified while most of this organisms are insects.

2.There are 2 billion children on Earth.But Santa doesn’t exist in any muslim religions and that reduces the number of children. This means that in the world there remain 378 million children.In the world there are 92 million houses,that means approximately 4 children per house.

3.Santa has 31 hours of Christmas to deliver presents,if the Earth is rotating from East to West.This means Santa makes 822 visits per second.If it would really do this he will have for each house 0.06 second to park,hop out of the sledge ,jump down the funnel,put the present under the tree,eat whatever snacks had been left,climb back on the funnel,get back into the sledge and move to the next house.If the houses are uniformelly distributed on the Earth, the distance from a house the another will be about 25 kilometers.This means a trip of 23 billion kilometers.

4.If  he travels 23 billion kilometers in 31 hours,Santa will travel with a speed of 1046.07 killometers per second,3.000 times speed of sound.Example of comparation,the fastes man-made vehicle on Earth was the Ulysses space probe,moves with a speed of 44 kilometers per second,but a reideer has a top speed of 24 km per second.

5.The load of the sledge is another interesting fact.Assuming that each child gets a present which wheighs 1 kilo,the sledge will have a charge of 321.000 tones without Santa. On land a normal reindeer can draw 115 kilograms.Even if that “flying reindeer” existed, it can be drawn ten times the normal amount,we cannot do the job with eight or ten.We would need 214.200 reindeers.

6. 321.000 tones traveling at 1046 kilometers per hour creates a very big air resitance. I think this air resistance will heat the reindeers in the same way as a spacecraft re-entering into the atmosphere.In short, they will burst into flames almost immediately.

In coclusion,if Santa Claus ever did deliver presents on Christmas Eve, I think he is dead now.

                                                                                                                                Mihai Filip, S4A, Follow Me Drumul Taberei

Joi vom posta si alte lucrari de-ale cursantilor nostri talentati si creativi!

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