Are computers good for us? Here are two opinions!

Nowadays, everybody has a computer. We use them for everything. They are a necessity for us. Though they help us, entertain us and make us feel in another world, they have become too human, which is not good.

Firstly, for me my computer is everything. It keeps me in touch with my favourite celebrities or get the latest songs. I became addicted and it would be hard for me not to have it anymore. I almost see it as a friend, so they are something useful.

Secondly, they are useful in business. They keep secret files or important contracts, which would be hard to keep in a normal file. On the other hand, they are replacing the human mind  more and more. Instead of thinking and searching in books, people find it easier to press some buttons and find the answers they were looking for even faster.

To sum up, I strongly believe that without computers, our lives won’t be the same. They make it easier and that’s why I don’t think we’ll survive without them.

Iulia Bratulescu, S5, Follow Me Drumul Taberei

We should acknowledge from the start that computers have always been a commented subject. The question we need to answer is if they’ve made our world a better or a safer place. My view is that the negative parts are in advantage.

Firstly, nowadays teenagers forget how o communicate and interact because they are caught in the virtual world. There are a lot of sites like Facebook, Twitter or Messenger that make people stop talking to eachother face to face and come in a virtual environment.

Secondly, computers are changing the way we live. Children prefer staying at home and playing computer games instead of going outside with their friends. When teenagers meet in a park, they are too busy reading their e-mails or news rather than having fun together. They copy projects from the internet, they steal people’s ideas and they forget how to be creative and how to improve their skills.

On the other hand, it’s true that computers make our lives easier. I mean, if you want to find information about any subject, with just a click on the internet, a lot of sources will be revealed. What is more, a lot of companies are directed by computers: our traffic control, hospitals, unversities. All their work is kept in a computer.

All things considered, I really do think that people will arive at a point when they’ll be controlled by computers, they will become like computers’ slaves and will lose their abilities, but people must evolve with technology and should try to make their lives easier and simpler.

Irina Balaci, S5, Follow Me Drumul Taberei