When Andy met Sandy…collective stories from group S4A

Version 1:

Andy was ugly and he had three hands. He was from Romania and he was a bit satanic. Sandy was a beautiful girl, too beautiful for Andy, who was very ugly. They met at a junk yard for the first time.

The meeting was weird. They went home because they were brothers. He said that she was very cute but she was too young for him.

She ended up calling him a racist! Sandy ran out the bar screaming and left Andy crying.

From that moment, Andy never discriminated girls again.

Version 2:

Andy was a nerd. Sandy was like a fat granny. They met in a night club. They went inside and danced all night for money. He went to her and said:

„Hi there, chick!”

„I’m not a chick! I’m a human!” Sandy replied.

Next step in the story… they exploded in a million pieces!

Andy left the club because he was very angry.

Version 3:

Andy was Santa Claus and the IRS came and took his house and now he became homeless in the desert. Sandy was a piece of ground with fourteen eyes and seventeen heads. She looked like a man.

Andy and Sandy met at a party and it was the worst meeting in the world. When they met, they started crying to each other.

He said that she was ugly and that she smelled really bad.

They went to a restaurant and had lunch together.

After that, they ran home and watched TV.

Version 4:

Andy was a rock star from the USA. He was tall and seemed like the coolest boy in the world. Sandy was a Romanian girl who liked listening to bad music and who ate seeds every second. She was very stinky.

They met in the middle of the desert when Andy was eating sand from Russia.

Their meeting didn’t go very well because Andy had some stomach problems. He didn’t say anything. He was too angry. She cussed and then he kissed her.

Finally, they got married and lived together for the rest of their lives.

Version 5:

Andy was a homeless guy who was addicted to drugs. Sandy didn’t have an honorable job and she loved Justin Bieber.

They met in the lady’s bathroom in the mall. Andy was there because the men’s bathroom was full.

Their meeting went very bad. Sandy threw water at Andy and he pulled out a cake out of her dress.

He said ” I’m ugly, you’re ugly…let’s be together!”

She told him that she didn’t like men. They had a fight but eventually got married.

Fiecare a avut de scris cate 1-2 propozitii, iar copiii nu au putut vedea ce au scris colegii lor, de aceea povestile au iesit atat de… „deosebit”:)