And the winner is…

Cristina Dobre, cu o poza foarte draguta si o poveste pe masura!

Felicitari, Cristina si multa bafta tuturor la viitoarele concursuri Follow Me:

This is my best photograph that I’ve ever taken. I was in a camp with my friends. In the day when I took it,we wanted to go to a monastery which was in the middle of a forest. The way to the monastery was with more adventures,but finally,when we saw the place,we were very impressed. On our way,we saw:beautiful flowers,wonderful water lilies,a clear river and an orchard full of apple trees. My best friends and I were at the back of the line when suddenly we saw  this beautiful butterfly on one leaf. I saw it first and after that I told this to my friends. We all got out our digital cameras and took this photograph. I was surprised that the butterfly did not fly away and stayed on the leaf until we took the photograph.

I said in my mind:”I THINK THIS BUTTERFLY IS A MODEL AND IT LIKES THE PHOTOGRAPHIES  WHICH IT IS IN VERY MUCH”. All the people said that this photograph is the best that I’ve ever taken and I agree with them.

I hope that you really love this photograph too and I hope that you’ll tell your best friends that a child took a very beautiful photograph with the most interesting story!